Rhythm & Motion specializes in Broadway, jazz, tap, modern, ballroom, and folk numbers.  Our flexible show content lasts 20-60 minutes and can be compatible with other entertainment groups for variety or additional time requirements.  Bringing joy and a smile is the intent of our act –so swing and sway, tap and clap with us and have a wonderful time! 

Roger  Wade– Professional dance performer and choreographer, performing worldwide, and specializingin ballet, jazz, Broadway tap, folk, modern, country, and all forms of ballroom. National champion in country western dance, specializing in East and West Coast swing.  Choreographed and staged many productions for various companies throughout the world. Lived and danced in Europe for over 10 years. Has taught hatha yoga, and has hobbies of golf, ping pong, and tennis.

Mary Martin– Dance soloist with Sr. Star Showcase in Baltimore.  Performed nationally with professional dance groups in New Orleans, California, Florida, San Juan, and Atlantic City featuring ballroom and Broadway style dancing. Additional experience with costume design and managerial aspects of performance in different venues.  Additional credits include nationally competitive tennis player and enjoys hobbies of golf, fitness, and ping pong.

"We hope you dance!"

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